Hurricane Sandy Relief Map

Showing the power of data, from natural disaster impact areas to where relief funds were provided, our interactive map empowers continued support and education of Hurricane Sandy. The interactive web map cleanly presents 3 phases of the NGO’s work: Pre-Storm Condition, Storm Impact, and how The Robinhood Foundation responded with aid directly after the storm.

      Prior to Hurricane Sandy, many families with median income of $75,000 or less lived in areas close to the shore and in flood zone areas. With many of these households living from paycheck to paycheck, natural disasters like Sandy can severely impact their lives.

On October 31st Superstorm Sandy made landfall causing great destruction in both storm surge and wind damage. Shown here is the actual storm surge that was caused as well as the number of structures sustaining significant damage or destroyed.

Based on lessons learned in providing relief to victims of 9/11, Robin Hood formed a Superstorm Sandy Relief Fund to address both short term relief and long term rebuilding. In the first few weeks, $3 million were allocated to 75 programs and as of April 2, 2013, $70 million has been allocated to nearly 400 community organizations working in storm affected areas. Hover over the the counties to see the Robin Hood partners we are funding.

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  • Project Date: 11/10/2013
  • Client: The Robinhood Foundation
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