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An independent charter school, after revising its Vision Statement, wanted to increase student enrollment, participation and performance in geographic or demographic subgroups.

Study Current Student and Family Demographics

This task served three purposes: (1) to aid the delineation of smaller market areas in the nine county service area, (2) to better understand the key demographics of each program (e.g., K-12, independent study, homeschool), and (3) identify the factors that attract student families to charter schools (e.g., escaping poor performing schools, schools with high drop-out rates, or households with one stay at home parent). Maps and data tables were provided.

Define Smaller Market Areas

We created detailed socio-economic profiles of (1) the nine county service area and (2) the current students. These data were used to help define market areas within the overall service area that would allow the school better to assess and manage their market. Small geographic units are also very useful in developing marketing strategies and measuring market penetration by program. Maps and data tables were provided to the client following a brief iterative process.

Perform a Gap Analysis of Current and Potential Market

Once the demographic profile was created for each program, and overall market size was calculated, a comparison was made against existing market and potential market by program and market area. Maps and data tables were provided.

Decision Support Tool

Throughout this project, much data were collected, managed, and analyzed. The resulting data products were ported onto a secure, web-based map tool for use by the executive team. In the future, a separate webmap will be created to allow teachers to better manage their students and resources.

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Datasets used in this project:  ESRI Tapestry dataset, US Census American Community Survey, California Dept. of Education school performance data.

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  • Category: App Development, Interactive Maps
  • Project Date: 1/5/2014
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