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Winning with a website

Standing out in the crowd is a key to success for many businesses, but staying afloat is much more important and immediate. Accomplishing both is the goal. Having a website and greater web presence that helps you meet this goal is what we do. Here are some examples.

  • Bring your website up to date – making it viewable and usable on many web browsers, ipads, mobile phones, etc. This is known as ‘responsive’ design.
  • Creating a look and feel for your website that matches the company.
  • Ensuring the world can find your website and content as often as possible – building a website fully SEO powered is vital.
  • Plan the action out well. When a user arrives to your website, is there a video, a call to action, relevant content, critical info (price, benefits)?
  • Show don’t tell. In many cases, a professionally made video is a brilliant salespitch, much more than pages on content or a slideshow
  • Social proof – show your customers that the world loves you! Testimonials is a good start, but the new world wants more: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.